Technipelago AB


We develop custom web-based IT solutions for internal or public access. We use standard components specialized for development of enterprise systems. This means we can add amazing functionality in a short time, reducing costs for our customers.


Early in the development project, our customers get access to a test installation (on our servers) where they can test and verify that developed functionality meet expectations. Through rapid feedback to our developers we minimize time spent on the wrong things.

Java Write once, run anywhere

The systems we develop are often based on some of the following technologies and products:

  • Java
  • Groovy
  • Grails
  • Spring Boot
  • Rabbit MQ
  • Javascript
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Apache Lucene
  • Apache HTTPD
  • Apache Tomcat
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • CentOS Linux
  • Windows Server
  • Docker

When we design systems we always think in terms of "information objects" and "software components" and by grouping information and programs so that they can live their own lives without dependencies on other components. This makes it easy for us to put together different components and build a complete IT system in a short time. The number of software components we have developed has increased significantly and we now have a "toolbox" of many components to choose from. That means we can put together a lot of functionality for our customers in short time.

Open Source GR8 CRM

Many of the components we have developed, we have released as open source under the Apache License 2.0. This means that other developers can take advantage of and exploit features that we developed, with no license cost. We believe in an open culture where developers help each other to achieve success.

The components Technipelago developed are compatible with the Grails web framework. We call this component suite GR8 CRM (Great Customer Relationship Management). For more information about GR8 CRM see

Here is a list of open source components we have developed:

  • Contact Management (address book)
  • Task Management (to-do)
  • Project Management
  • Document/File Management
  • Blog authoring and publishing
  • Campaign Management (banners, email, telemarketing, etc.)
  • Product management
  • Shopping Cart (web shop)


You can find all our open source components at our github account.


Great software is one thing, but the community around the software is what makes it amazing. Groovy and Grails has an amazing community. That's why we love using Groovy and Grails in our projects. People are friendly and helpful and you can always turn to the community for help.

Technipelago has always been active in development communities. The founder Göran Ehrsson (@goeh) has been a regular speaker at the Groovy User Group in Stockholm, Sweden, and he has been seen at several Java, Groovy and Grails conferences.


View Göran's presentation from GR8Conf Europe 2014 "Cut Your Grails Application to Pieces - Build Feature Plugins". The presentation describes our best practices here at Technipelago.


Göran also performaed a talk at Greach 2015 i Madrid. You can download the PDF presentation here.