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Micronaut module name changes between RC2 and RC3

Publicerad den 15 Oct 2018 av Göran Ehrsson

Once again Perl came to my rescue!

Many years ago I used Perl to batch update Grails source code.

When Micronaut changed module names between RC2 and RC3 I took the old Perl script from my blog and changed it to add micronaut- in front of all dependencies in build.gradle. I only had 15 build.gradle files to change so I could probably have done it manually, but there's many io.micronaut dependencies in each build file so a script is more convenient and eliminate the risk of typos.

In Micronaut RC2 and earlier a io.micronaut dependency could look like this:

compile "io.micronaut:inject"

In RC3 all module names was prefixed with micronaut- 

compile "io.micronaut:micronaut-inject"

Here is the Perl script that change all io.micronaut:..... lines for you: 

while(<>) {
  if(/(io\.micronaut[^:]*):(.+)/) {
    print "$`$1:micronaut-$2$'";
  } else {
    print $_;

Make sure you checked in all build.gradle files to your VCS before continuing.

perl -i */build.gradle

-i performs inplace editing, i.e overwrites the file after completion


WARNING: Don't runt the script twice, as it will add the micronaut- prefix each time you run it.


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