Technipelago AB

Custom enterprise software with standard components

  • Tjänster


    We develop custom web applications that contain exactly the functionality your business needs. We use standard components based on open source which means that the license cost is low and that you, as a customer does not need to be locked to a specific provider.

  • Produkter


    Normally, we develop custom enterprise applications for our customers, but we also sell a complete CRM system with features like, sales force automation, campaign management, and email marketing. The system is completely web based and easy to get started with.

  • Referenser


    Our clients can be found in a variety of businesses, from small private companies to government departments. They all shared a common need, they wanted a simple web based tool to solve a specific workflow. A requirement that could not easily be fulfilled by standard products.

  • Utveckling


    When we develop systems we think in terms of objects and components. We group information and logic in a way that we can easily assemble several components into a complete product with amazing functionality. Read more about our engineering philosophy.